Melanoma Detection and Monitoring System

We are all at risk of from the harsh radiation of the sun and its damaging effects.
Australia and New Zealand currently have the highest incidence of skin melanoma in the world.  Melanoma is the most dangerous form of skin cancer.  It arises form the pigment forming cells in the skin, and can spread throughout the body if undetected and untreated. 

Most melanoma are linked to too much sun exposure.  However they can be easily treated if diagnosed early enough.  Polartechnics Limited (  together with the Sydney Melanoma Unit and the CSIRO, have developed the SolarScan® monitoring system – an advanced skin imaging system – to assist in analysis and detecting even minute changes in a mole.

Sun protection and regular skin checks, particularly if you have fair skin, are the best form of protection against melanoma.  Unfortunately some melanomas are difficult to detect. Many dark spots can be confused with melanomas, and some melanomas may appear to be quite harmless.

What to look for?
The skin on our bodies is constantly changing, but most harmless or benign moles do not change over a short period.  Key features of malignant moles include:

  • Changes in size
  • Changes in shape
  • Changes in color or pattern
  • Bleeding or itching

Any of these features are cause for concern.


How can SolarScan® help?
The SolarScan® system is world-leading technology developed in Australia, which can provide doctors with an advanced method of analyzing suspicious lesions and tracking changes in them over time.

The SolarScan® system monitoring takes high resolution digital images with an advanced three chip camera of the top layers of the skin.  The procedure is painless, quick and safe.  SolarScan® system uses unique patented technology to fully calibrate each image for precise comparison.

SolarScan® system's leading software then analyses these images, using sophisticated mathematical tools developed by CSIRO and Polartechnics scientists.  The analysis results can then be compared to against a clinical database developed by the Sydney Melanoma Unit, and other leading skin research centers in Australia, Germany and the United States.  In future visits, new images can be captured and compared against these stored images to identify any changes.


  • Australia has the highest incidence of melanoma in the world
  • Melanoma is the most common cancer in 15 to 44 year olds
  • 8000 new melanoma cases are identified in Australia each year
  • Around 1400 Australians die from melanoma each year
  • Melanomas change over a three month period
  • It is important to have regular skin checks at least twice a year

Regular skin check-ups are a good health habit. 

To make an appointment for a skin check contact Dr Caswell on 02 6752 1333.

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