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PicoSure Fact Sheet

What is the pain like?

A lot less in comparison to any other laser on the market. It is very tolerable and in addition Eyra can use its doctor strength gels to almost completely numb the area being treated.

Will my results be achieved quicker?

Yes the reason you are paying a premium price for treatment is full results, which can be achieved within 3-4 treatments.  This compares to anywhere between 10-20 treatments with any other laser on the market. Making the PicoSure safer, quicker more convenient for patient.

Why is this?

This is the only Picosecond technology available in Australia at this point in time.  The technology ensure s a 7 times shorter pulse (quicker) than nanosecond lasers, such as Q switch Nd:YAG,  which was the industry standard before the PicoSure came out on the market. The Q switch Nd:YAG will require a large number of treatments and can have difficulty removing colours from tattoos.  Depending on the operator, who in NSW does not have to be medically trained (in fact they don’t have to be trained at all) you will often end up with the scar image of the tattoo using this Q switch Nd:YAG,

Can it treat colours?

Yes all colours. Although, you may require 1 to 2 extra treatments with red ink.

How long do I have to wait between treatments?

4-6 weeks.  In some cases depending on the depth of the tattoo in the skin, the age of the tattoo, where if was professionally applied or not, and they type of ink (most people have no clue what ink has been used) will dictate how fast your particular tattoo removes.  But if you are treating more than one tattoo you may elect to alternative the treatment sites, i.e. one tattoo one week, second site the next week etc.  But treatments on an individual site must be between 4-6 weeks apart.

Cost per treatment?

The cost is determined by the size of your tattoo.

Schedule of fees:

As a guide, $750 per 1cm2#
Payment is before treatment and you may pay a course of recommended treatment.

How the service works:

  1. Make an appointment with our doctor for an assessment
  2. Your will be provided with a written quote
  3. You will be able to pay up front and schedule your treatments;
  4. Upfront payment will gain a permanent discount structure of 10%;
  5. You will be able to schedule your tattoo treatments in advance and gain your slot;
  6. You will have a period of time to complete your treatments;
  7. Failure to turn up or cancellation on the day (i.e. without notice) will be deamed as one of your treatments, this is necessary as others cannot take your slot if we have no notice;*
  8. Single treatments are not able to gain this discount.

#Discuss you needs with our doctor
*refer to the Eyra Medical and Skin Clinic cancellation policy.

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