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One of the great myths of great skin is that you need to spend a large amount of money. The science of great skin care is in the science, not the marketing or magazine images.

The Eyra clinics have sourced the products which have delivered proven, consistent results and stocked them for their patients. Each product is stocked on its proven merit - and should be easy to use and provide similar results for all patients, though the addition of a range of products might be needed for your skin and its level of damage. Product claims are required to be clinically and medically proven. Patented formulations cannot be copied and in general brought from on-line auction houses (buyer beware!), and research should published in respected medical and dermatological journals.

Medical investigations and studies are complex affairs - the gold standard is a randomized, double blind clinical trail where subjects are split into groups, made as equal as possible, and randomly give the treatment or placebo - but don't know which treatment they have been given.

This sophisticated methodology aims to remove the human bias. By comparison, cosmetic companies usually employ, say 100 women, to trial a product and then produce a statistic like "85% of women noticed a reduction in their wrinkles"......which makes for very attractive advertising campaigns but does not prove or disprove the efficacy (effectiveness) of the product.




Other companies base their advertising on natural vs chemical - however the basis of a majority of cosmetics is some form of petrochemical - which in itself is perhaps not a crime - but what is "natural", or my particular favorite "preservative free" - would you really like to put rancid product on your face? Other companies can make outrageous claims about the anti-aging powers of their cosmetics - but one must ask - if they are so powerful then why do they not submit their products to a randomized, double blind clinical trial and prove their claims in an accepted scientific manner?

Cost is another factor - spending on large and expensive advertising campaigns means that the cost of the cosmetic needs to be recovered from the unit price - and the customer is one who is paying for this. Often patients are quite surprised how affordable therapeutic treatment agents are when comparing them to the large cosmetic brands - and how long they last.

Fuss free programs are also a priority - in today's busy world, most people do not have time for complicated cleansing and maintenance regimes - and men in particular like things even less fussy. But again there is a difference between what is needed and what a cosmetic company will tell you what is needed - as they are in business of selling products - the more that you need the more that they are able to sell you. Cleansing and moisturizing are the basics, and then add in the additional therapeutics depending on skin type, remediation program and goal.

Love the skin you're in - see what a difference science makes for your skin.

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